@DesiCurly aka Deepika

Misty Bottle – Mist Spray Bottle

999 incl GST

Shower Bonnet – Plastic & Satin Bonnet

1,200 incl GST

Mulberry Silk Pineapple Keeper (22 Momme in Charmeuse Weave)- Silk Mark Certified

999 incl GST

Microwipe Microfiber Face Towel- Superior Quality Printed (Microfibre)

490624 incl GST

Printed Crepe Satin Kaftan & Oversized Robes

1,749 incl GST

Microfiber Towel Bath Towel 55″ by 28″ One Side Printed One Side Solid Color (Microfibre)

1,071 incl GST

Satin Scrunchies Sets

550731 incl GST

Silk Eye Mask – (22 Momme Mulberry Silk in Charmeuse Weave) – Silk Mark Certified

1,499 incl GST


1,149 incl GST

Satin Styling Scarfs (Huge Square Scarf and Rectangular Scarf )

1,0641,120 incl GST

Satin Headbands

295531 incl GST

Satin Bonnet – Regular, Jumbo, Medium & Long Bonnet

7821,120 incl GST

Metallic Pins Metal Clips

299 incl GST

Detangling & Styling Brush for Curly, Wavy, Kinky Hair

899 incl GST

Drawstring Adjustable Scrunchie

249499 incl GST

Scalp Stimulating Shampoo Brush

449 incl GST

Adjustable Reusable Shower Caps

229549 incl GST

One Side Fur One Side Satin Scarf – With Tassels

1,499 incl GST

Italian Satin Gloves- Scrunching Mittens

749 incl GST

Silk Pillow Cover (22 Momme Mulberry Silk in Charmeuse Weave) – Silk Mark Certified

2,6784,910 incl GST

Satin Pillow Covers – Solid Color

619952 incl GST

Tempcap Pro – Thermal Heat Cap

2,072 incl GST