Tired of seeing your hair on your hair tie?

Hair ties can damage your hair. They can cause hair-fall, dry hair, and hair breakage too!

We don’t even realize that a thing as basic as a scrunchie, can add to the overall hair health!

Say goodbye to the hair-fall and keep your hair in place with our unbreakable, the most affordable-globally, and the most loved scrunchies!

What makes our scrunchies different?

Our Scrunchies are made in a way that the fabric does not wrap around itself so that it does not entangle and pull hair along with itself.

  • Most satin scrunchies available in the market have the satin stitched in a way that it rolls itself over and over again- turning around the elastic endlessly.
  • It rolls itself quickly entangling your hair because of the way it is made.
  • It captures every fly-away too and rolls it into its shape.


HairLove scrunchies are made differently.

  • The fabric just overlaps the elastic and hence provides nothing but a cushion for hair to slide and rest on it.
  • It adjusts itself around the hair because the fabric is just overlapping to accommodate the elasticity- it isn’t rolling endlessly around the elastic.

Not every satin scrunchie is the same. How it works depends so much on how it’s made!

At HairLove, we don’t only make things- we try to make them in different styles & see what works best!

We only deliver what’s best for you.

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All Sizes Mix (1)

Lazy Scrunchies (2)

Sleek Scrunchies- Slim Hair Ties for Ponytails (3)

Mommy- Thinner Scrunchies for PONYTAILS (6)

Daddy- Thicker Scrunchies for PONYTAILS (6)

Baby Scrunchies- Only for PINEAPPLE (Thin hair) (4)

Pineapple Scrunchies- Only for PINEAPPLE (Thick hair) (4)

Pro-Mommy- Fancier Look, Thinner Scrunchies for PONYTAILS (2)

Pro-Daddy- Fancier Look, Thicker Scrunchies for PONYTAILS (2)