The Right Way To Style Curly Hair

The Right Way To Style Curly Hair

Your curly mane is absolutely beautiful and so powerful all the time but, it is not easy to keep the mane tangle-free and glossy. There are so many hair care products conditioners, gels, spritzes, etc alas it is quite easy to feel confused when trying to choose the right products for your skin to create the perfect cocktail for your specific curl type. Curls are unpredictable, but once we unlock the secret of this ultimate quest your life will change. Just think happy, healthy, hydrated curls! To keep your beautiful mane in check try Hair love India. They have some of the best online hair care products. We are here for some pro tips to help you move in the right lane.

  • Embrace the mane

Every crown of curly hair is different hence needs different ways of pampering. Curls are one of the most demanding hair types when it comes to textures, oils, regular conditioning, and keeping moisturized. If you are living in a hot or humid place, it’s better that you put away that flat iron in your hand right now. We understand the struggle of straightening your hair for hours only to step outside and have your hard work ruined.

Permanent hair straightening might seem like a great option for once living in a humid climate but the heavy chemical treatment leaves your hair thin and falling like Lucifer from heaven. If you decide to go natural without any chemical your crown will thank you for keeping it healthier, will take lesser time to dry, and say bye-bye to time-consuming damaging straightening. A wash-condition-and-go will soon become the curly-haired person’s best friend.

  • Know your curl pattern

It can be seen constantly that no two curly-haired people have the same curl pattern. Curls are often identified by the differentiating S-shaped curves with the uniform wave pattern. The curlier your hair is the more coily it appears and spring up all the way to a zig-zag pattern. Think of curly like roses with many names: Wavy, coily, curly, kinky, and so on.

  • Fight humidity

As we probably can see very clearly now, humidity is an enemy to curly hair and wreck the pattern completely. As curly hair tend to be extremely dry they are severely vulnerable to humid air. The secret to keep your hair frizz free is Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. A deep conditioning mask for dry hair is the right way to move forward about it.

  • To blowdry or not?

Blowdrying your naturally curly hair can turn out to be an utter nightmare when done inappropriately. To avoid flying strands, first let your hair air dry mostly and then blow dry your hair with the help of a diffuser. This way your hair gets more volume with lesser frizz and it does not disturb your hair pattern. Try diffusing your hair with a medium heat setting by hanging your hair down and placing the diffuser bowl upwards towards the scalp.

  • Distributing the products throughout your hair

Most people just apply the product on the top of their hair and be done with it which results in the weighing down of the hair. It is much better option to take the product on your hands first and then applying it starting from the ends moving towards the mid and then the top. Take a wide toothed comb and start combing the product through your hair evenly. Hair love India have one of the best detangling brush for thick hair to spread your hair products evenly.

  • Getting the right haircut

There are countless benefits of getting the right haircut for your hair type. For example, try not to get bangs if you have curly hair and its a myth that one needs a specialist in curly hairstyles to chop your mane the right way. Layers work great with curly hair, as they make the hair fall more beautifully so does a bob. A bob create weight where its needed and then gives the curl more shape and definition.