Our Story

What do you do when you are born with something not so cliche? The obvious choice for most of us is to try and fit into the regular. But, not for PRINCA RATHI!
A curly head by birth, Princa had to deal with a lot of bullies through her growing up years and at one point she did tame her mane to ‘fit in’.
However, it was against her personality to do something she could not resonate with.
And thus began the long journey of understanding and maintaining her curly and frizzy hair.
After doing extensive market study, Princa found out that there were tons of products specifically designed for curly haired people. But there was no way one could get them without digging a hole in their pockets. To make matters worse, the products were not even value for money!
Determined as she was, Princa decided to take matters in her own hands. She was firmly against feeling guilty of over spending just to embrace something that was natural to her; her curly hair!

She made her first product, THE TEMPCAP (HEAT CAP) after a few trials and errors and once she was sure that it was perfect to provide the right amount of moisture to curly hair, she offered it to other curly heads for a much lesser price than it was available for, in the market at that time. CHECK AND CORRECT IF TECHNICALLY WRONG

After this, there was no looking back! She kept experimenting with different products and designs, combining it with client reviews. Today, HAIR LOVE has already launched more than 20 products for all hair types in less than a year.

Hair Love has grown to a great extent due to the critical reviews and responses about product quality directly from the users. Every single feedback is taken constructively, and product modifications are made to give clients an overall happy experience!
Amazing market reviews about the product quality, pricing and sustainability is what keeps Hair Love going.