Trendy Scrunchies Styles For 2021

Trendy Scrunchies Styles For 2021

Trendy Scrunchies Styles For 2021 ever since headbands, claw clips, scrunchies styles, and other statement clips made their trendy return a few years ago, the latest hair-accessory trends have been breathing new life, that isn't slowing down in 2021 as well. People nowadays are eager to add more color and adornment into their beauty routine but simply and easily, which is what hair accessories offer and they are looking for these small yet impactful ways to express their creativity. It's official: the scrunchies styles are back. But, these aren’t the shiny, Lurex options for all. The trend has been elevated amid the recent hair accessory revival, competing against its headband and hair clip cousins.

The Scrunchie trend has been showing up over and over almost everywhere. You can even make your scrunchie if you want to add some other hair accessories into the mix! Bonus, they've been updated with a fresh twist to bring them up to date. Static fabrics are Out and lux materials like silk, leather, and organza are In.

As for how to style them, sling them around a low ponytail or bun, keeping the style loose and relaxed, and – yep – it appears our long-forgotten scrunchie has grown up with us. There are different types of scrunchies that you can use from sequin scrunchies to bow scrunchies, to tie scrunchie, to velvet scrunchies, to pleated scrunchies and there is a lot to choose from so take your pick and have fun! And that to be only at Hair love India!

Scrunchies provided by Hair love India is cute and all, but the revived accessory is more than just a way to jazz up your ponytail. Unlike traditional hair elastics that can tug and pull on your strands, scrunchies are made to be more gentle on your hair, which means if you’re trying to avoid hair breakage and damage, scrunchies are the way to go.

From tight and sleek to undone and messy, there are countless ways to wear a top knot. The next time you are having half top knot, try replacing your regular hair tie with an on-trend hair scrunchie. Luckily, scrunchies are designed to lock in styles without creating snarls or creases in your hair. For curly girls, we love the look of a scrunchie paired with a messy bun.

If you have curly hair, chances are good you’ve struggled with regular hair ties breaking or getting tangled in your mane. For those days when you hit snooze one too many times, a half-up ponytail is a perfect look to help you feel put together in five minutes or less. Just add on a scrunchie and give yourself a glamorous look! If you are brand new to scrunchies, start your collection in style with a versatile set from Hair love India.

Trendy Scrunchies Styles For 2021

Why satin scrunchies?

Satin acts as a barrier against moisture-absorbing fabrics. This is why many people use satin bonnets, scrunchies, and pillowcases. They help prevent split ends caused by your hair drying out, which results in healthier hair. Satin eliminates this problem leaving you with healthier stronger hair. Using satin scrunchie allows your hair to stay nice, fresh, and moisturized for longer. So no more styling your hair every 2 days!

Satin scrunchies are perfect to use for this method and don’t cause extra frizz on your curls. Many people use regular hair ties but they can cause frizz and breakage. Using satin scrunchies can eliminate these issues, leaving you with fluffy frizz-free curls. Basically, silk or satin—not fabric, is the ideal sleep scrunchie material, and the fatter the scrunchie, the less chance it has of denting your hair. Yes, some options are on the pricier side, but you’ll get years of use out of any one of them, trust me.

The 100% Satin Scrunchie by hair love India fights frizz while you snooze and prevents breakage. Plus, they are a good size, and the blush color is unobtrusive enough that you could easily wear them during the day if you so choose. The evidence is in the fact that you probably have 2 hair ties currently left from that pack of 30 you bought 3 months ago yet you still have that black silk scrunchie you bought a year ago that never fails you! If you store your scrunchies right, they can last for years!