How To Protect Curls With Pineapple Keeper?

How To Protect Curls With Pineapple Keeper?

Sometimes the simplest things lead to the most remarkable solutions. Wrapping your hair in satin every night is the easiest way to reduce dryness and frizz from the hair, which is a reason for its breakage and poor growth. The protective satin cover gives the result which every curly hair girl wants for her hair. And here is how to protect curls with pineapple keeper.

First of all, what is the pineapple keeper method?

It’s a method of curling hair to reduce frizz and maintain curls while one is asleep. When one sleeps directly on hair locks, pillows tend to absorb a lot of moisture and natural oils from the hair, which results in a lot of frizz  (not to mention friction when we move, which also causes frizz).

How to apply pineapple keeper in hair:

  • First, you need a large silk or satin scarf and a loose hair tie.
  • Bend until all of your hair is facing the floor. 
  • Fold the scarf into a triangle.
  • Tie the wide base of the scarf around the sides and back of the hair.
  • Tie the bun at the hairline in the center of your forehead. 
  • Finally, let the curly locks run down the top like a pineapple.

After putting your hair into it,  wrap your hair with a protective surface like satin. The idea behind it is that natural hair makes a pile of your curls on top of your head, and like this, we are securing them in a place. The pineapple keeper method preserves your curls and prevents frizz.

What you do to your hair at night largely determines how you will find your locks in the morning, dry, easy to style, difficult to style, hydrated, etc. Sleeping with Hair Love India pineapple protector can prevent breaks and frizz and ensures natural styles overnight. It has a tight “edge” control strip to keep the edges smooth. 

For undisrupted curls, place the hair in the “pineapple”, pull the curls through the slit, clip the satin nightcap on your head and sleep well. It is worth taking the extra care and attention to starving off the dreaded bed hair in the morning. Give your hair a satin touch while resting on a cotton surface to lock in moisture and see healthy hair growth. 

What accessories help with Pine Appling hair?

All you need is to style the hair with scrunchies or a nightcap. If you have short hair, you may also need bobby pins or an extra headband. Girls with long hair may require a hair clip space. Apart from that, if one wants to tie a rectangular scarf instead of the nightcap, one has to make sure that it is made of satin. Satin not only protects the hair but also prevents frizz while one sleeps.

Here are a few essential tips for applying pineapple protector to the hair: 

  • Divide your short hair into four sections and tie them loosely with hair ties. 
  • Use satin pillow covers as cotton absorbs the natural oil and moisture from the hair while one is asleep, and place the hair in one in the morning or evening after shampoo.
  • Put your hair in a pineapple, use a dry shampoo at night. 
  • Don’t spray water on pineapple hair, and get out of the house. Water makes the hair frizzy. 
  • Avoid wearing an afro hairstyle, as it will create frizz and ruin the hairstyle.
  • Applying pineapple to the hair is a great way to rock your second-day curls without any signs of frizz. It works well for all lengths of hair and is too easy to screw up. Plus, you don’t need any special hair accessories, and it’s done in minutes before you go to sleep!