Top 5 Hair Accessories That Every Curly Girl Needs

Top 5 Hair Accessories That Every Curly Girl Needs

Having thick, curly hair is nothing but a blessing; however, if most hair accessories are made with fine strands in mind, it can be pretty painful to find clips that don’t automatically pop out once someone puts them on or headbands that won’t get lost in the hair. 

Top Hair Accessories That Every Curly Girl Needs!


Bonnets made up of satin or silk helps hair to retain moisture which can also help prevent split ends. They are made of satin and are double-lined to avoid the hair from drying out.

Hair bonnets are essential to extend the life of hairstyles, prevent frizz and retain moisture while one is asleep. Silk or satin caps have all of these benefits wrapped in a soft, plush fabric that makes styling one’s hair the following day a seamless process.

Hair Love India bonnets come with lasting benefits, that is, using the same bonnet for over a year, and the satin lining is still there! How great it sounds! 

Pineapple Keeper

The pineapple method is used to protect the curls while one is asleep in order to have as pretty curls as they were before sleeping.

Why will your curls love it? 

This pineapple technique can be used to maintain the curls and keep them looking fresh for the next day. Pineapple protectors can preserve a variety of natural hairstyles, including twists, flexible rod curls, and braided styles. The pineapple keeper styles the hair to reduce frizz, flattened rings, and knots while lying on the pillow to sleep at night. In that case, Hair Love India has satin pillow covers too! 

It is recommended to put pineapple juice in the hair before going to bed and sleeping with a loose ponytail. 


thermal heat cap (Tempcap)is a warmed deep care cap that opens the hair cuticle. This allows a deep conditioning product to penetrate your strands of hair more quickly and helps to repair damaged hair and split ends. Benefits of tempcap:

  • Eco Friendly 
  • Reversible and Reusable 
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to use
  • For all hair types and textures

Moisture is vital for curls to form, and the more you moisturize your hair, the shinier and elastic your locks will become. Using a thermal deep conditioning heat cap, one can maintain hydration and protein content by nourishing the curls with a deep conditioner. Not only is it a better way to get in deep condition, but a thermal cap will also help you reach your hair goals much faster.


Scrunchies are perfect for bundling your hair on top of your head without worrying about breaking your hair with an elastic band. They are pretty, plus they do their job well.

Some may call scrunchies the most favorite hair accessories of all, but it’s still an essential tool in perfecting the pineapple method. You’ve got a reason now to buy scrunchies online, it being multifunctional, durable and stylish! 

Clips & Pins

Section the hair with clips and apply your favorite product (ideally with a wide comb). Allow even distribution for perfect curls! Clips and pins can, of course, keep hair away from the face for quick curly styling, and they’re beneficial when applying a hair product.

So these were the top hair accessories that every curly girl needs and Hair Love India has a fantastic range of hair accessories specially designed for dry, curly and frizzy hair.