How To Protect Your Curls?

How To Protect Your Curls?

Curly, textured, natural hair is stretchy and beautiful. Genetically, curly hair forms a tight spiral or elastic band shape without doing anything to style it. But the same properties that give curls structure can mean that people with curly hair need to sleep a little more carefully at night to protect their beautiful locks.

The best way to keep curly hair on for days is to protect it at night. While this may seem like a hassle at first, once the hair guard is part of the nightly routine, one will find that they have to spend a lot less time on the hair in the morning.

Few Tips On How To Protect Your Curls!

In addition to sleeping on the side or on the stomach, there are other ways to get curls protected during sleep. Hair Love India‘s accessories are the best hair care products for natural curls.

Use a silk or satin pillowcase:

When one toss and turn their head at night, it can put a strain on the hair follicle and make it more likely to break. To avoid frizz and breakage, change the surface of curls to rest on while sleep. Cotton pillow cover(even those with a high thread count) will absorb the natural oils in the hair and scratch the strands of hair.

Silk or satin pillow covers can help protect the structure of the hair. As a bonus, it can keep the head cooler and prevent the scalp from becoming oily. This could reduce the need for washing.

Put hair in a ‘pineapple keeper’:

One can protect their textured hair while sleeping, reading, or doing anything using a pineapple protector. Simply gather your hair up on your head and tie them loosely to a pineapple keeper to keep the hair out of the face. Using a satin pineapple keeper would be beneficial for dry, frizzy hair.

Use satin bonnet:

bonnet can provide double protection for hair. In addition to preventing the hair from rubbing against bedding and frizz, these hair care accessories also protect the hair while you sleep and protect the shape of the curls. Hair Love India bonnets are an amazing accessory to go with curly hair conveniently without any mess!


Plopping is another way to preserve the curls definition. One can fall asleep with wet hair and protect their curls. Hair Love India has a Plop-T for this purpose.

A top knot also works secured with a headband and bobby pins:

In the morning, pull out the hair and add some waves with your fingers or curling iron for extra hold. Shape several buns on the head for tighter waves and more volume. Put a soft satin rectangular scarf over buns to keep them in place without the pillowcase rubbing against them. Tie a knot in such a manner that is not too tight or loose, and sleep peacefully!

Caring for curly hair takes a little strategic thinking. Fortunately, one can keep locks looking shiny, healthy, and natural during sleep by simply changing the night routine, like sleeping on the side and switching to a satin pillowcase, which can have a huge impact on the health and appearance of the hair. The methods and the amazing hair accessories mentioned here will help preserve curl patterns and reduce the amount of friction they’re exposed to throughout the night.