Satin Elasticase Pillow – Essential Travel Accessory

Satin Elasticase Pillow – Essential Travel Accessory

Going on vacation & don’t want to miss the texture of premium satin pillowcases? Hair Love India has the perfect solution to this; they provide Satin Elasticase Pillow – Essential Travel Accessory.

Hair Love India uses the best quality satin, which has the proper amount of sheen to guard your hair and skin against tossing and turning without being too slippery. Satin decreases the sleep lines on the face and helps take care of the natural moisture in the skin and hair with its low absorbency.

Get the super luxurious satin elasticated travel pillowcases from Hair Love India. These satin travel pillowcases will make sure that your hair is great while you travel in style! This luxury travel pillowcase comes in a sort of colors.

Here are the best reasons to buy Satin Elasticase Pillow – Essential Travel Accessory:

Beauty sleep and luxury on the go

A pure satin travel pillowcase is an absolute must for anyone looking to sleep well and rest up while travelling. These gorgeous elasticated travel pillowcases help prevent sleep wrinkles, keeps hair beautifully styled, and minimizes sleep lines and facial creases. Satin fabric regulates body temperature to make you comfortable while you rest.

Satin travel pillowcase prevents hair damage

Napping on a satin elasticated pillowcase provides great-looking hair: fewer tangles, knots, or hair breakage. The satin elasticated pillowcase is the right travel companion for anyone with frizzy hair, naturally curly hair, or an upscale blowout.

Comfort and luxury

The lustrous satin is a soft place to rest your head while travelling. Hair Love India’s satin elasticated pillowcases are made from top-quality satin fiber, and their elasticated closure means no uncomfortable zipper.

These luxurious elasticated satin pillowcases are the solution for catching some sleep when you’re on the move and will reach your destination with a crease-free face and frizz-free hair.

The travel-sized (20″ x 26″) satin pillowcase ensures that one can simply enjoy all of the great benefits of a satin pillowcase while travelling by car, plane, boat, or train! This gorgeous pillow cover is additionally an ideal size for a toddler or child’s pillow.

Satin pillow covers help scale back hair damage, minimize sleep lines on the face, and maintain moisture balance within the hair and skin. It is made in India with the best quality of satin. With this elasticated travel pillowcase, one doesn’t need to worry about damaged hair because it’s been created to prevent damaged hair from happening altogether! Its smooth weave allows hair to glide smoothly along its surface, helping split ends and messy damaged hair. So buy a soft & luxurious Satin Elasticase Pillow – Essential Travel Accessory to make your travelling experience better.

Washing instructions to keep in mind to take care of this luxurious satin elasticated pillowcase :

1. Soak in cold soapy water. Use gentle detergent for delicate fabrics only.

2. Gently wash using hands.

3. Squeeze the excess water.

4. Air dry on a flat surface.

5. Iron it after covering it with a cotton hanky.

6. Use fabric conditioner/softener occasionally for best results.