Salon-Like Hair Spa Treatment At Home

Salon-Like Hair Spa Treatment At Home

We all experience dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair. Especially when it comes to our hair, we are mostly dependent on the experts!

Hair spa is the best choice when it comes to rescuing dull, dry damaged hair. After a hair spa, your hair is visibly shiny, softer, and feels healthier.

What is a hair spa?

Hair spa is basically giving your hair a luxurious treatment, using an oil or a deep conditioner. After applying the oil/deep conditioner, heat is given to hair so that hair follicles open up and the product penetrates deeper into the hair shaft.

While the spa gives us the ultimate recipe for healthy hair, we don't live in times where we have the luxury of spending one full hour or more at a salon. Moreover, the added increase in our budget is something we don't want!

Here comes the main question- CAN WE DO A HAIR SPA AT HOME?

Seems like a complicated question. We might have access to our favorite deep conditioners and there are so many DIY deep conditioner recipes out there!

What is one thing that is missing from our salon-like spa experience?

It is the heat that the salons provide for the product to reach deep within the shaft of the hair after penetrating!

Ummm, seems like a hot towel (ouch!) can do the trick? Nah! Too messy.

Plus it gets really dirty really soon. And what about the hot water scalding our body! It's a big no-no! 

Enter TEMPCAP THERMAL HEAT CAP- a portable, wirefree, no mess and super quick tool for a hair spa at home!

Another long process? No Way! Just 15 minutes to get healthy, shiny, bouncy hair!!

All you need to do is heat the thermal heat cap TEMPCAP in a microwave oven for upto three minutes, and wear a shower cap on your hair after deep conditioning your hair.

Simply wear the TEMPCAP over your shower cap and chill for 10 minutes!

Kick up your existing hair care routine by introducing our TempCap Heat Cap! This sustainable, re-usable, eco-friendly Heat cap enhances the results of your at-home deep conditioning/oiling routines and gives you a spa-like treatment at home! Say goodbye to expensive salon hair-spas and messy hot towel at-home treatments. No cords, portable hair spa treatment, at the most affordable prices-worldwide!

The three variants of the TempCap are
TempCap original
TempCap pro
Washable TempCap

TempCap Original is our basic, best-seller model

Tempcap Pro has more pockets and hence an even heat distribution

Washable tempcap has concealed zips with removable pouches for being washed!

Order to indulge yourself in an amazing experience!

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